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We are different from other care providers because we focus on you as a person. We want to make sure that you receive the best care possible, and we do this by treating you with compassion and respect.

We care about you and your needs, and we want to make sure that you are happy and comfortable. We understand that everyone is different, and we will work with you to create a personalised care plan that meets your specific needs.

So, if you are looking for a care ndis provider in pakenham that truly cares about you, then choose Bliss Disability Care Services. We are here to help you live your best life.



Assist With Personal Activities

If you are in Melbourne, National Disability Independent Support Services is the best name to turn to. With enough experience and knowledge, our support workers are next to none, when it comes to offering support services, to assist you lead a life that will leave you 100% content. This makes us the most successful Registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, Vic.

Community Nursing Care

Bliss Disability Care Services provides a community nursing care is important aspect of healthcare that focuses on providing medical attention and support coordinator to individuals within their local communities. This type of care is typically provided by registered nurses who have specialized training in community health and are equipped to address a wide range of health concerns.

Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator in Melbourne plays a pivotal role in connecting individuals with disabilities to the services and resources that best suit their unique needs. This professional serves as a bridge between the individual, their support network, and the array of available services, ensuring a holistic and person-centered approach.

Household Tasks

We are the best service provider of NDIS household task in Melbourne. Hiring our support workers for reliable household tasks assistance. Bliss Disability Care Services master the skills needed to carry out our household tasks. And we develop these skills right from our childhood spontaneously. We do not need any external assistance from any quarters to master those skills.

Participating in community, social & civic activities

Participating in community, social, and civic activities also has numerous benefits for individual well-being. Engaging in meaningful activities that align with one's values and interests can promote a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Additionally, volunteering and helping others has been shown to improve mental health, reduce stress, and increase overall happiness. Community activities can include volunteering at local events, participating in neighborhood clean-up efforts, or joining a community organization.

Support Independent Living (SIL)

Support Independent Living (SIL) is a philosophy and approach aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities to live melbourne area's pakenham and officer autonomously and inclusively in their communities. SIL emphasizes self-determination, choice, and control over one's life decisions. It provides a range of support coordinator in Pakenham providing tailored services to individual needs, enabling people with disabilities to live independently while accessing the resources they require.

Group Activities

Discover the perfect fit for your interests and goals with our wide range of classes, camps, groups, coaches, and trainers. Whether you're a kid or an adult, regardless of your age, gender identity, or background, we're here to help you explore fun new activities that get you excited and support you on your fitness journey. From specialised training sessions to fun-filled camps, we're dedicated to connecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds with services that suit their unique preferences and lifestyles. For providing a services in Pakenham & Officer pick up drop facility are also available. We can take care for all the things.

Development of Daily Living & Life Skills

Bliss Disability Care Services will work with participants to best skills to accomplish ndis provider in Melbourne meaningful goals and health outcomes. Development of Daily Living and Life Skills" is a crucial aspect of personal growth and independence. This process involves acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to manage one's daily life effectively. It encompasses a wide range of abilities, including but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, time management, and communication.

Assist Travel Transport

Travel Transport NDIS in Melbourne offers essential transportation services tailored for individuals with disabilities. Our dedicated team prioritizes safety, accessibility, and reliability to ensure that all passengers can travel comfortably and independently. We understand the unique needs of NDIS participants and strive to provide personalized assistance throughout the journey. Our fleet is equipped with wheelchair ramps, lifts, and other accessibility features to accommodate various mobility requirements. Whether it's attending medical appointments, social outings, or daily errands, we are committed to facilitating seamless transportation experiences for our clients.

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