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Services and support that promote individual choice

Living Services
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Assist with Personal Activities
To provide support with personal activities, such as grooming, dressing, and hygiene, is a crucial aspect of caregiving. It is essential to ensure that individuals receive the necessary assistance to maintain their independence and dignity. As a caregiver, it is important to approach these tasks with sensitivity and respect, while also being efficient and effective in providing the necessary support. By doing so, we can help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their daily lives.

Community Nursing Care

Community nursing care is a vital aspect of healthcare that focuses on providing medical attention and support to individuals within their local communities. This type of care is typically provided by registered nurses who have specialized training in community health and are equipped to address a wide range of health concerns.

Development of Daily Living & Life Skills

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills" is a crucial aspect of personal growth and independence. This process involves acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to manage one's daily life effectively. It encompasses a wide range of abilities, including but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, time management, and communication.

Household Tasks

Household tasks are essential for maintaining a clean and organized home. These tasks include cleaning, laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping. It is important to establish a routine for completing these tasks to ensure that they are done regularly and efficiently.you can ensure that your home is clean, organized, and comfortable. It can also reduce stress and make daily life more manageable.

Participating in community, social & civic activities

Participating in community, social, and civic activities is a valuable service that benefits both individuals and society as a whole. By engaging in these activities, individuals can develop important skills, build relationships, and contribute to the betterment of their communities. Community activities can include volunteering at local events, participating in neighborhood clean-up efforts, or joining a community organization. Social activities can involve attending cultural events, joining a sports team, or participating in a book club. Civic activities can include attending town hall meetings

Support Independent Living (SIL)

The Support Independent Living (SIL) service is designed to provide assistance to individuals who wish to live independently. This service offers a range of support options, including help with daily tasks, transportation, and access to community resources. SIL is committed to promoting independence and self-sufficiency, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of its clients. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality care and support to those in need. Whether you require short-term or long-term assistance, SIL is here to help you achieve your goals and live life to the fullest.

Group Activities

Exciting news! Our Bliss Activity Centre at 60 Main Street, Pakenham 3810 is now offering classes for NDIS participants. You can join us for activities like art and craft, painting, healthy cooking, dance, fitness, outdoor picnics and tours, and more! Our facility is large and can accommodate everyone, so feel free to join us for plenty of fun and socializing.

Assist Travel Transport

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and organized team of professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional travel and transportation services. Our team is comprised of experienced staff members who are committed to ensuring that your appointments are attended to promptly and that you arrive at your destination on time, safely, and with the utmost comfort. Whether you require transportation for business or pleasure, we are here to provide you with the highest level of service possible. Trust us to take care of all your travel needs and experience the difference that our team can make.

Support Coordination

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers assistance for individuals with disabilities to connect with necessary supports and services. Support Coordinators from Bliss disability can help you understand and utilize the supports outlined in your NDIS plan. They will assist you in independently accessing the services that are best suited to your needs. Bliss disability is dedicated to providing excellent support coordination services.